Síol (2024)

Siol 1

Síol   2024

Glencar House , ballsbridge , Dublin 4

Commissioned by Killeen Properties
Síol stands over 4 meter high, cast in bronze & patinated a golden brown.

‘Striving for re connection , balance & growth in our ever changing world’ 
Síol is the Irish for seed & phonetically sounds like sail.

A seed is like a time capsule and houses the future tree. What has always captivated me about this particular seed is its aerodynamic form and that the detail of veins on the wing are like a microcosm of the future branching saplings emerging, revealing its story of growth and life. These veins are also suggestive of tributaries branching from the source. The reflection of the seed on water also magically creates a familiar image of a winged pair and sense of attaining balance. This building aims to leave a light carbon footprint thereby acknowledging our urgent need to address sustainability & the fragility and balance in nature.

thanks to Cast ltd fine art foundry, Odyssey studios, Nicholas ODwyer Engineers & photographer Ros Kavanagh.

siol 3

RCJ1221SD020 RCJ1221SD122

studio photographs by Ros Kavanagh